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Why Deck Helical Piers Foundations May be Better Than Concrete Footings for Your Deck Project

Bridge Média - 11 April 2024

Discover why screw piles are the ideal choice for your house. Resistance to unstable soils and durability. Trust GoliathTech.

When it comes to building a deck, choosing the right foundation is crucial to ensure a safe, stable, and long-lasting structure. Two popular options for deck foundations are deck helical piles and concrete footings

What is a helical pier? - this question often arises in discussions about foundational support for structures. A helical pier is a deep foundation solution used to secure new or repair existing foundations. It consists of a steel shaft with helical plates (flights) welded at various intervals. These piers are screwed into the ground until they reach a predetermined depth or load capacity, providing stable support for buildings, decks, and other structures. 

While both options have their pros and cons, deck helical posts are gaining popularity for their ability to distribute weight more evenly and require less excavation and disturbance to the soil. 

In this post, we'll take a closer look at the benefits of using helical piles for your deck foundation, the drawbacks of using concrete footings, cost comparison, and how to install deck helical piles for your deck project.

The Benefits of Using Helical Piles for Your Deck Foundation

Deck piles, also known as helical posts, helical piles or screw piles, are a popular alternative to traditional concrete footings for deck foundations. 

List of the main advantages of deck helical posts over concrete footings for the foundation of your deck:

  • Faster installation compared to concrete footings
  • Immediate use: can build on them right away without waiting for concrete to cure
  • No need to deal with spoils or excavated soil after installation
  • Minimal damage to surrounding areas during installation
  • Can be installed in any weather conditions, rain or shine
  • Helical pier footings allow for same-day deck building, without the need to return to the job site later
  • Suitable bracket options available for any type of understructure or frame, regardless of beam size.

Another benefit of using deck helical piles is the ease of placement/relocating to accommodate the point loads of the deck, providing stability and reducing the risk of settling or shifting over time. Additionally, deck helical posts can be adjusted and leveled more easily than concrete footings, which can save time and money during the installation process.

3D example of helical piers for a deck

The Drawbacks of Using Concrete Footings for Deck Foundations

Concrete footings have long been a favored foundation option for decks, yet they present several challenges. A notable concern is their propensity to crack and shift, particularly in regions subjected to freeze-thaw conditions. Installing concrete footings demands considerable digging and generally takes longer than setting up deck helical posts. Furthermore, after installation, adjusting the deck's level can be challenging, an issue that becomes signçificant in yards that aren't completely flat.

Cost Comparison of Deck Helical Piles vs Concrete Footings

The question on everyone's minds is about the helical piers cost vs concrete footings. The cost of deck helical piles versus concrete footings can vary depending on several factors, including :

  • Size and complexity of your deck
  • Local building codes and regulations
  • Cost of materials and labor in your area
  • Accessibility of the installation site
  • Soil conditions and stability
  • Type and quality of materials used
  • Design and layout of the deck
  • Weather conditions and seasonal availability of materials and labor.

Generally speaking, helical pier footings can be a more cost-effective option for your deck project in the long run. Contact one of our certified installers for a more complete price estimate. 

The Environmental Impact of Using Deck Helical Piles vs Concrete Footings for Your Deck Project

In addition to the cost and practical considerations of using deck helical piles vs. concrete footings, it's also important to consider the environmental impact of your deck foundation. 

Concrete production is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, which can have a negative impact on the environment. 

Helical posts for decks minimize the need for excavation and soil disruption, aiding in the conservation of your backyard's landscape.

How to Install Helical Piles for Your Deck Project

Installing deck helical posts requires careful planning and preparation to ensure a stable and long-lasting foundation for your deck. 

Steps for setting up helical piles for your deck:

  1. Identify the placement and interval of the posts according to your deck's layout.
  2. Connect the post to the excavator and methodically twist it into the soil until it reaches the required torque.
  3. Verify that the posts are perfectly straight and aligned correctly.
  4. Fix caps or brackets on the upper part of the posts.
  5. Secure the deck's structure to these caps or brackets with appropriate fasteners

It's very important to follow all local building codes and regulations during the installation process to ensure a safe and secure deck foundation. We highly recommend that you call upon one of our certified installers to do the job right so your deck will sit on a solid and steady foundation.


Whether you're building a small backyard deck or a large outdoor living space, choosing the right foundation is critical to ensure the safety, stability, and longevity of your structure. While concrete footings have been a popular choice for many years, deck helical piles offer several benefits that make them an attractive choice

By considering factors such as size and complexity, local regulations, and cost, you can make an informed decision about whether helical pier footings or concrete footings are the right foundation option for your specific project. With proper planning, preparation, and installation, you can build a beautiful and functional deck that will provide years of enjoyment for you and your family.

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Integrating both strength and know-how, GoliathTech offers the best anchoring solution to support your residential, industrial, commercial, and municipal projects. Trust the experience and expertise of GoliathTech for your foundation projects. Find a certified GoliathTech installer in your region or become a franchisee.