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Pile Sizing, Installation and Verification

Pile sizing has been done following the applicable project location standards based on a project given loading and the following points:

a- Pile mechanical resistance including connections and brackets

b- Pile soil resistance based on well-known industry standards and  principles

c- Geotechnical report and soil parameters

 Helical (screw) piles are designed to carry axial and/or lateral and/or moment loads. Pile installation is done following the guidelines set out in the GoliathTech installation manual and performed by certified installers. Pile installation verification is done using one or both of the following: 

a- Empirical well-known/tested installation torque to capacity ratio using the following equation

P=Kt x T


P = Pile Installation Capacity
T =  Installation average torque last 3ft
Kt = Empirical factor based on the pile size/diameter

b- Pile standard compression and tension test:

Compression ASTM D-1143-07 and/or ASTM D3689-07 
Tension ASTM D3689-09

GoliathTech screw piles are designed to meet the following codes:

NBC and appropriate Provincial Codes

IBC and appropriate Local Codes

Eurocode 7 EN1997-1

GoliathTech’s manufacturing facility certifications:

ISO 9001
ISO 14001

GoliathTech helical (screw) pile certifications:

CCMC (Canadian Construction Material Center)
GoliathTech screw piles are designed to ICC AC358 standard

Schematics of screw piles according to the highest standards of the Canadian American and European markets
Soil and geotechnical parameter chart for the selection of the appropriate helical pile
helical screw pile installation model with example of axial and or lateral loads

No matter what your project is…

GoliathTech helical piles are ready

In order to provide you with a helical (screw) pile foundation solution that’s designed to meet your needs and specific project, our network of certified installers and consultants make the most of their vast expertise in the field. Recognized for their know-how, they conform screw piles to meet the unique nature of your property and project, rather than offering you a solution… cast in concrete!

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