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Between helical (screw) piles and concrete, the choice is simple.

In the past, it was the only option available on the market. But now, concrete’s time has finally come to an end. Compared to GoliathTech's helical (screw) piles, concrete is no match when it comes to strengthening, restoring, or building a foundation. 

There are many reasons to choose screw piles vs. concrete for all of your projects. Here are just a few:









Screw piles vs. concrete: easy installation

Say goodbye to heavy machinery, messy excavation, and endless weeks of work! In addition to leaving a minimal impact to the landscape, our certified installers also offer superior expertise. Our all-terrain equipment, both light and compact, allows us to anchor each pile with precision.

The pouring of concrete, on the other hand, is done in several steps. It requires heavy equipment and a lot of manpower, from excavation to the curing of concrete. 

Finally, screw piles have a huge advantage over concrete: they allow you to reach the ground level that offers the best stability, which is not the case with concrete foundations.

Rapid Installation icon
Rapid installation
No excavation
No excavation 

Screw piles vs. concrete: long-term savings

It's true that a helical (screw) pile is more expensive than a concrete mix from the local hardware store. However, when you consider all the factors surrounding installation, it quickly becomes apparent that GoliathTech helical (screw) piles, with their 30-year warranty, are a much more economical option. In addition to leaving a minimal impact to the landscape, they provide substantial savings in time and money over the course of the project.

For example, only one person and one day are needed to install helical (screw) piles. On the other hand, pouring concrete formwork requires a lot more manpower, machinery, and work hours. Not to mention the fact that over time, concrete foundations are less resistant to freeze/thaw movements, and after only a few years, can crack, deteriorate, or collapse. Another important detail is that the extraction of a concrete foundation is much more time consuming and costly than that of a screw pile. 

In short, installing a screw pile foundation system costs less than a concrete foundation.

smaller labor costs
Smaller labor costs
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Less working hours

Screw piles vs. concrete: when quality comes first

Compared to poured concrete, GoliathTech helical piles are a state-of-the-art piece of engineering. Calculated down to the smallest detail, they are more precise than concrete, ensuring a perfectly level foundation. With different types of tubes, helices, end caps, piles heads and hundreds of accessories, our screw piles are designed to support many projects, terrains, and weather conditions. 

From quote to installation, our teams of engineers and certified installers guarantee a high-quality job, without failures or compromises. Finally, GoliathTech's patented products and their installation surpasses the highest quality standards in the industry. The same of which cannot be said for concrete tubes!

Engineering expertise
Engineering expertise 
Products that surpass the highest industry standards
Products that surpass the highest industry standards

Screw piles vs. concrete: durability that stands the test of time

It is well known that concrete is less resistant to the harsh weather and sudden thermal changes that occur in some of the colder climates of the world. GoliathTech helical (screw) piles undergo a state-of-the-art galvanization process and are doubly protected against freezing and thawing, making them corrosion-resistant and able to withstand the years without bending. 

In addition, GoliathTech screw pile heads are equipped with a nut fastening system. This innovative anchoring solution allows the structure to be attached directly to the helical piles, thus preventing lateral and vertical movement* of the structure. No other poured concrete foundation offers this level of strength and durability.

*Learn more about our industrial terms

Motion protection
Motion protection
High resistance to weathering
High resistance to weathering

No matter what your project is…

GoliathTech helical piles are ready

In order to provide you with a helical (screw) pile foundation solution that’s designed to meet your needs and specific project, our network of certified installers and consultants make the most of their vast expertise in the field. Recognized for their know-how, they conform screw piles to meet the unique nature of your property and project, rather than offering you a solution… cast in concrete!

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