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The Top 4 pros of Using Helical Pile / Pier Foundations

Helical pier foundations, also known as helical piles , are a type of deep foundation system that are commonly used to support residential , commercial/municipal and nautical structures. They are designed to provide increased stability and load-bearing capacity compared to other types of foundations.  Like any construction method, helical pier (pile) foundations have their own…

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Why GoliathTech footings are the best on the market (discover our secret!)

In this blog post, we'll discuss why GoliathTech's footings are the best on the market and have a secret advantage you’ll want to know about. We'll also explore the benefits of helical pile footings and why GoliathTech chose to specialize in this technology instead of concrete footings. The Problem with Traditional Concrete Footings Traditional concrete…

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The importance of a quality foundation

When it comes to building a structure, whether it's a house , a garage , a deck , or a commercial building , the foundation is the most critical component . No matter how much money you spend on the building or structure above, if you don't have a proper and quality foundation, the money…

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