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Deck Building Revolution: GoliathTech's Helical Piles vs. Concrete Footings

Why Deck Helical Piers Foundations May be Better Than Concrete Footings for Your Deck Project

When it comes to building a deck, choosing the right foundation is crucial to ensure a safe, stable, and long-lasting structure. Two popular options for deck foundations are deck helical piles and concrete footings.

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What is the Difference Between a Wood Piling Foundation and a Helical Pier Foundation?

Every solid construction begins from the ground up, and this rings especially true when choosing the foundation that will support your structure for decades to come .  The debate between using traditional wood piling foundations and technologically advanced helical pier foundations is not just about preference but about performance.  Let’s investigate how these foundational choices…

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Helical piers code compliance at GoliathTech

How to Verify Your Helical Piers (Piles) are Up to Code: Your Top Questions Answered

Helical piers, often also named screw piles or helical (screw) piles, are not just cork screw-like structures anchored into the earth. They are the silent guardians ensuring that the structures above ground remain stable and robust .  But, much like any knight in shining armor, they need to be at their best. So how can…

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