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Choosing the Best Materials For Your Home Remodel

Elizabeth Patel - 24 October 2022


It is no secret that the U.S. is caught up in the middle of a home improvement fervor. While there are endless statistics to indicate the growth of the remodeling industry, some reports indicate that a whopping 76% of homeowners have completed a home improvement project since the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

However, while remodeling can improve the safety, comfort, functionality, and value of your home, not all projects are created equal, and it is critical that you choose the right materials when remodeling. To help in this regard, keep reading to discover some of the best materials for your home remodel!


A roofing upgrade is one of the most valuable remodeling projects a homeowner can undertake. Not only can it give the exterior of the home a cosmetic upgrade, but the best roofing products will seal the home from inclement weather and provide an initial layer of insulation. 

Most homes are roofed with asphalt tiles and wood shakes. While these materials look good and do a decent job of protecting the home when new, they can quickly degrade in the face of harsh weather and extended UV exposure. In most cases, these common materials will only have a useful life of between 15 to 20 years.

As a result, many homeowners will look into more durable products, such as metal or slate. Slate is a particularly attractive option because it gives the home a stately aspect, and slate tile roof life expectancy will exceed 100 years in most cases. 

Despite these advantages, slate does not come without its drawbacks. First, it is more expensive than most average homeowners can afford. In addition, it is extremely heavy and difficult to work with, usually requiring heavy machinery and professional masons to install and service. Therefore, to avoid these pitfalls and capture the beauty of natural slate while sacrificing none of the longevity, one of the best contemporary roofing materials is synthetic slate tile made from a composite of plastic, slate dust, and resin.


Like roofing upgrades, siding projects are also important for establishing the home’s curb appeal while securing the building envelope. And also like roofing, some of the most popular materials are not necessarily the best options. For example, many homeowners love the rustic appearance of wood planks to help create a clapboard or board and batten-style home. While these are definitely classic American looks, just remember that wood planks need to be treated with moisture-resistant paint at least every other year to help maintain their insulative properties.

Therefore, homeowners who want a lower maintenance option are increasingly turning to siding materials such as steel logs and fiber cement. These inorganic siding solutions can be fabricated to be nearly indistinguishable from natural wood but come with no painting, sealing, or treatment requirements. In most cases, these durable materials will maintain their appearance and protective qualities for a minimum of 50 years.


There is arguably no home remodeling project more exciting than a kitchen renovation. When properly executed, homeowners can transform their kitchens from dreary, utilitarian workspaces to the central hub of the home. Some ideas for a kitchen renovation include:

  • Replacing full walls with partial walls and bar-style seating to help connect the kitchen to adjoining areas of the home
  • Upgrading laminate countertops to nonporous quartz surfaces to give a natural stone appearance while reducing cleaning requirements
  • Swapping hard-to-reach cabinets with open shelving to make seldom-used cookware and china easier to locate

It is critical to be intentional with a kitchen renovation in order to maximize return on investment, as buyers will not pay extra for kitchens that reduce energy efficiency and require more work to keep clean, even if they do look fancy.


With the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent at-home lockdowns, many people re-focused their renovation efforts on creating functional exterior space for their homes. One of the most straightforward ways to accomplish this is through a deck addition. 
While a deck addition can add value to a property and essentially increase its overall usable square footage, it is important to use the proper materials during construction to maximize value. Consider building with composite decking and railing to help improve the moisture resistance and lower maintenance requirements, adding a pergola to protect the deck from sun and inclement weather, and choosing innovative GoliathTech screw piles to ensure that the deck sits securely on a level surface.


With much of the country in a crisis due to excessive heat and drought conditions, people are looking for any means of conserving as much water as possible. One idea is to get rid of hard asphalt and concrete surfaces to reduce water runoff. An option that can be used in place of hard surfaces is permeable gravel sidewalks and driveways. Using innovative pavers to keep the gravel from shifting and eroding, homeowners are able to leverage the natural drainage properties of gravel to ensure that all water is absorbed by the ground and not washed into the gutter.


In order to guarantee satisfaction through your remodeling project, it is important to choose the best materials. For example, synthetic slate tile roofing, fiber cement siding, quartz kitchen countertops, GoliathTech screw piles, and permeable gravel driveways are some innovative products that can help your renovation shine. If you are still in the planning phase, choose one of these top remodeling materials and make the most of your home remodel in 2022!
Elizabeth is a freelance writer that loves sharing her experience and knowledge as a home and commercial restoration specialist. Her work can be found on Building Product Advisor, a new construction industry resource launching in Fall 2022.

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