Solar panels: Why opt for GoliathTech piles?

The popularity of renewable energy is continually on the rise, a trend that is especially true for solar energy via solar panels. In March 2019, the newsprint “La Presse” reported that the number of people who own solar panels has risen significantly on each and every year since 2015, both in Quebec and around the… Read more »

Why Helical Piles Are Essential For Multiple Projects

With years of research and development behind them, GoliathTech helical piles are among the most stable, reliable and precise. We’ve invested in developing the most up to date technology, making our helical piles a product you can count on, no matter what projects you have in mind. Built to hold strong, they can be used… Read more »

Four Reasons Why Helical Piles are the Best Foundation for Your Home

As with any housing project, the key to having a stable home is a good foundation. Whether you’re renovating or building a brand-new home, GoliathTech’s helical piles are the best of the best when it comes to creating a solid foundation. Here are four reasons why: 1. Unmatched Quality While some businesses find success through… Read more »

GoliathTech: A Worldwide Success

For more than 15 years, GoliathTech has been combining strength and know-how to offer the best piling solution to support your residential and commercial projects. Here are the highlights of the Company’s Success Story.   In 1994, born entrepreneur and visionary Julian Reusing launched his first business, in collaboration with his mother and brothers. To… Read more »

Did you know that our helical piles can be installed in only one day?

Find out how we install our piles…   How do we Install Helical Piles? No matter the size and the type of the project, we cover them all: houses, additions, terraces, solar panels,… The powerful nature of our GoliathTech technologies ensures a great deal of possibilities. Now what’s the actual plan?   Step 1: The… Read more »

Why Screw Piles are a Great Option for all Deck Types

Just like a house or any other type of construction project, a deck needs a good foundation so it will stand the test of time. If you are reading this during the containment period caused by COVID-19, you most likely have the time to get informed about new ways and methods in the construction industry… Read more »

Four reasons why helical piles are safer than concrete foundations

Whether it is for your deck, foundation, fence or any other construction project, GoliathTech’s helical piles meet all Canadian construction standards while offering greater safety than other options like concrete foundation and form tubes. Here are four safety features that make GoliathTech’s helical piles THE NUMBER ONE foundation solution for your project. Allowing you to… Read more »

An alarming number of helical screw piles installations potentially at risk

Canadian consumers deserve a better protection The story in short: For more than three years, GoliathTech has noted significant issues with helical screw piles installed on construction sites across Canada. Reported through formal complaints to the Canadian Construction Materials Center (“CCMC”), they were left unanswered by the authorities. Today, in the light of a report… Read more »

GoliathTech announces North American expansion projects and sets its sights on Europe

MAGOG, Quebec, March 11, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Magog-based company GoliathTech, a Canadian leader in manufacturing and installing helix screw piles, has announced a major North American expansion plan to be rolled out over the next 5 years, while setting its sights on Europe. Currently operating in 11 Canadian provinces and territories and 33… Read more »