Case Study # 1: Building a Home Deck with Helical Piles

GoliathTech University: Tutorial 8     EXPLORE THE OPTIONS AND BENEFITS There are several ways to approach building a deck with helical piles. And your choice will be based on a range of variables such as the amount of space you have, soil type, cost, and so on. For example, a 24’ x 24’ deck… Read more »

Helical Piles Install into Most Types of Soil - Why Helical Piles are so Versatile

GoliathTech University: Tutorial 7     Helical piles have been around for almost 200 years and have supported travel via roads, rails and bridges, as well as assisted human advancements, such as telecommunications. Some lighthouses that used helical piles two centuries ago are still standing today. This is a testament to the strength and durability… Read more »

Soil Testing for a Screw Pile Installation - GoliathTech methods for projects, large and small

GoliathTech University: Tutorial 6     Gardeners understand the importance of soil composition. A gardener can spend a lot of money buying plants and nutrients to add to the soil for the very best conditions, yet if that person doesn’t understand the soil composition to begin with, then it will be money (and time) wasted… Read more »

Obstacles During a Screw Pile Installation - Steering and Excavation Solutions

GoliathTech University: Tutorial 5     At GoliathTech, we work on many different projects to find support solutions that work for you and fit best with your construction. In our 15-plus years of experience, we’ve encountered our share of obstacles and would like to share our know-how. As an example of a challenge that stalls… Read more »

Lateral Capacity of Helical Piles - Ensure Your Project’s Strength

GoliathTech University: Tutorial 4     A lateral load as related to a helical or screw pile is the force from the side of the pile that’s attempting to push it over. This could occur with natural events such as wind, earthquakes as well calculated live loads.  At GoliathTech, our standard helical pile is 2-7/8… Read more »

Compression, Tension, Load & Torque of a Helical Pile - How They Work Together for Lasting Strength

GoliathTech University: Tutorial 3     The four concepts of compression, tension, load and torque are fundamental to the function of a helical or screw pile. In this article we’ll explore the role of each and explain why helical piles are well-suited to high load projects. Check out our website to explore our range of… Read more »

Choose Helical Piles for Your Next Project - Discover their versatility and range of use

GoliathTech University: Tutorial 2     At GoliathTech we use helical piles (or screw piles) for an extensive range of projects from fences, home decks, swimming pools, sheds and foundation repairs, to solar panels, docks and boathouses. Basically, anything that requires a solid foundation or that needs to be anchored to the ground can benefit… Read more »

What is a Helical Pile? Find out why they’re a top choice among builders

GoliathTech University: Tutorial 1     A helical pile (or screw pile) is basically a large screw that we install in the ground below the frost line, with either an excavator or a skid steer that has a designated hydraulic motor attached. If you imagine a regular household wood screw installed into a two-by-four or… Read more »

Installation of helical piles for a boardwalk in a migratory bird refuge (Utah, US)

Recap of the Benefits of Helical Piles Regardless of the type of project, GoliathTech helical screw piles can be customized to meet your needs for a particular situation: No delays due to weather Once the helical piles have been installed, the next phase of the project can begin immediately Perfectly upgraded installation thanks to the… Read more »

Helical piles: Why is quality so important?

When it comes to foundations, it’s best not to skimp on the quality of helical piles! Whether it’s for a shed, deck, home or any other type of project, the quality of your helical piles will directly affect the durability of your structure. Here are 3 reasons why GoliathTech helical piles surpass those of our… Read more »