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Why GoliathTech footings are the best on the market (discover our secret!)

Bridge Média - 28 May 2023

In this blog post, we'll discuss why GoliathTech's footings are the best on the market and have a secret advantage you’ll want to know about. We'll also explore the benefits of helical pile footings and why GoliathTech chose to specialize in this technology instead of concrete footings.

The Problem with Traditional Concrete Footings

Traditional concrete footings have been used for longer than one can remember in construction projects, but they come with several challenges and limitations:

  • Require significant excavation, which can be time-consuming, costly, and disruptive to the surrounding environment.
  • The process of pouring concrete produces a lot of waste and isn’t eco-friendly, which can harm the environment.
  • Concrete footings can crack, shift, or deteriorate over time due to changes in temperature, moisture, and other factors. 
  • In regions experiencing alternating freezing and thawing, failure to pour concrete below the frost line can lead to gradual heaving of the material over time.

These can lead to costly repairs, safety hazards, and delays in construction projects.

The Solution: Helical Pier (Pile) Footings

Helical pier (pile) footings are a revolutionary technology that offers several advantages over traditional concrete footings. 

Instead of digging deep into the ground, helical piles are installed by screwing them into the soil using hydraulic equipment. 

This process is faster and cleaner than traditional footings and requires little to no excavation.

Helical piers also have a smaller footprint, which means less disruption to the surrounding environment. Moreover, they are made of galvanized steel that resists corrosion, fatigue, and deterioration, which makes them more durable and reliable than concrete footings. 

Additionally, helical piles (piers) can be easily removed and reused, which reduces waste and saves money.

Our Secret : GoliathTech Specializes in Helical (Pier) Pile Footings in a Unique Way

GoliathTech has been at the forefront of technology for over a decade when it comes to footings. The company was founded with the goal of providing a sustainable and innovative foundation solution that meets the needs of modern construction projects. 

GoliathTech has developed unique and patented designs that offer superior performance and reliability compared to other brands. Over the years, the company has invested heavily in research and development to provide the absolute best foundation solution available today that cannot be compared to other foundation systems. 

What was GoliathTech’s secret? Unrelenting, passionate dedication and investment in perfecting a superior foundation solution that will allow construction entrepreneurs and home owners to rest assured that their project will be steady and strong for decades to come.

Case Studies and Testimonials

GoliathTech has completed numerous successful projects using its helical pier footings. 

GoliathTech helical piles were installed for a wooden boardwalk in a wetland which was actually a migratory bird refuge in Utah, US. The screw piles for the boardwalk were installed within about a week, despite the site being difficult to access. Only the lightest of equipment was able to access the site, and the helical piles were installed directly into soft soil, and even in water. It was a complex project because the soil conditions were very soft and liquefiable, which limited the type of machinery that could be used and also the type of foundation that could be installed due to environmental constraints. Helical piles were deemed the best option for this type of project and location!

In conclusion, GoliathTech's footings are the best on the market because they offer a sustainable, innovative, and reliable solution for construction projects

Helical pile footings have several advantages over traditional concrete footings, including faster installation, less excavation, and lower environmental impact. GoliathTech's specialization in helical piers technology demonstrates the company's commitment to sustainability, innovation, and customer satisfaction. 

If you're planning a construction project and looking for a foundation solution that delivers results, consider using GoliathTech's helical pile footings. GoliathTech's team of certified installers can work with you to determine the best helical piles design and installation process for your specific project needs. Contact them today to learn more about how GoliathTech can help you achieve your construction goals with the best foundation solution on the market.

About GoliathTech

Since 2004, GoliathTech has been the most important manufacturer and installer in the helical (screw) pile industry worldwide. Our patented helical pile foundation system surpasses industry standards and has earned us multiple awards and prizes.

Carried out by certified installers, our quick installation process avoids excavation, which protects your landscape and allows you to begin building as soon as the piles are in the ground. Moreover, you can anchor GoliathTech’s helical pile foundations into any soil or space year-round. Installed deep into the ground, beneath the frost line, they solidly support the structure in even the most extreme conditions. Our technology guarantees that a helical (screw) pile foundation won't move or crack over time.

Integrating both strength and know-how, GoliathTech offers the best anchoring solution to support your residential, industrial, commercial, and municipal projects. Trust the experience and expertise of GoliathTech for your foundation projects. Find a certified GoliathTech installer in your region or become a franchisee.