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Helical (Screw) Piles: The perfect solution for boardwalks

Bridge Média - 20 September 2022

GoliathTech university tutorial 22

GoliathTech University: Tutorial 22

When we talk about boardwalks or walkways, there are all kinds of applications that come to mind. Some might like the idea of having a stunning walkway that leads to their residential dock on the lake. Boardwalks are also seen in wetlands like marsh trails, or on hiking trails. They are literally everywhere.


I'm sure we've all seen or walked on a boardwalk that looked a bit precarious and was anything but safe. That's because boardwalks are generally more popular in areas where the soil is very weak. Or they’re found near riparian areas (a strip of vegetation growing alongside a natural body of water) and were installed on foundations that weren’t adequate. This is where helical piles become an extremely attractive option. With helical piles, your boardwalk or walkway will remain safe, secure, and look like new for many years to come.


Sometimes, in environmentally sensitive areas, helical piles are actually the only option since you can’t employ typical building and construction methods: No big machines, no excavation, nothing deemed permanent. In fact, helical piles are ideal for projects where the land calls for minimal environmental impact (i.e., a small ecological footprint). The main reason that boardwalks will not sink or become crooked using helical piles is that they can be installed as deep as is required for the soil conditions. Sometimes, especially when installing in wetlands, the helical pile foundation to support the boardwalk could go as far as 90 feet deep. What typically happens in these cases is that a GoliathTech certified installer would install the boardwalk in 7-foot sections and keep stacking extensions until they can reach stable soil.


Now you might be thinking, that will take forever! Well, another advantage of using helical piles is the speed of installation. For example, you may have a 2-mile (3 km) boardwalk with supports every 8 to 10 feet (3 meters). In this case, each 7-foot (2 meters) section would be installed in about six minutes so the speed and efficiency of installing helical piles are unmatched. And you can literally build the structure as you go!


One of the methods to further protect the environment is that the helical (screw) pile installer will use the structure he is currently building on the piles to support the small machinery as he progresses, making sure the surrounding land remains untouched.  A major winning point for all the little critters out there!

To maintain the integrity of the surrounding area, and to ensure a solid and safe structure, helical piles are the only way to go. Whether you’re looking to install a boardwalk for your personal residence, or if you’re an engineer exploring options for a boardwalk foundation, think of us! We’d love to help!!

About GoliathTech

Since 2004, GoliathTech has been the most important manufacturer and installer in the helical (screw) pile industry worldwide. Our patented helical pile foundation system surpasses industry standards and has earned us multiple awards and prizes.

Carried out by certified installers, our quick installation process avoids excavation, which protects your landscape and allows you to begin building as soon as the piles are in the ground. Moreover, you can anchor GoliathTech’s helical pile foundations into any soil or space year-round. Installed deep into the ground, beneath the frost line, they solidly support the structure in even the most extreme conditions. Our technology guarantees that a helical (screw) pile foundation won't move or crack over time.

Integrating both strength and know-how, GoliathTech offers the best anchoring solution to support your residential, industrial, commercial, and municipal projects. Trust the experience and expertise of GoliathTech for your foundation projects. Find a certified GoliathTech installer in your region or become a franchisee.