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Why Screw Piles are a Great Option for all Deck Types

GoliathTech - 27 April 2020

Why screw piles are great for deck projects picture

Just like a house or any other type of construction project, a deck needs a good foundation so it will stand the test of time.

If you are reading this during the containment period caused by COVID-19, you most likely have the time to get informed about new ways and methods in the construction industry that can help you with your upcoming projects. Let’s talk about deck projects, since summer is on its way!

And as most of you probably know, building a deck starts with choosing which type of foundation to use.

For more than 15 years now, GoliathTech‘s experts have been using screw piles. Year after year, they see the effectiveness that helical piles bring to foundations for all kinds of construction projects, including deck projects, regardless of size. Here are 4 things that make screw piles a great option when building a deck or a patio.


When we think of piles, we often think of heavy machinery used to drive steel piles. However, driven steel piles are used for large construction projects such as bridges and large scale commercial buildings, and are not suitable for smaller residential construction projects since the required equipment to install them is too big and would cause damage to the surrounding landscape. Fortunately, GoliathTech screw piles are installed with light and compact machinery and equipment,  that won’t damage your backyard or the site’s landscape.


Over the last century, cement has often been used as a foundation solution for decks and other residential projects. Although cement is still a popular option and is seen as a more economical choice, digging over a large area “disturbs” the soil and you never know how the land will react to such a disturbance years down the road. Cement could also move if there is a shift in the soil, causing the deck to also move or sag.

If you work in the construction industry, try GoliathTech’s helical piles. They offer a foundation solution that will improve the quality and the long-term beauty and durability of your work, one that your customers will appreciate in the long run.

Any screw pile installation that is done by a a GoliathTech certified installer is carefully planned and crafted with the help of our engineering team. With deck plans in hand and the help of GoliathTech’s specially designed and calibrated equipment, our engineers are able to calculate the precise level of compression, tension and lateral movement needed to decide where, and how deep to install a screw pile.

Therefore, anyone who decides to use screw piles for their deck foundation can rest assured that their deck will be sitting on a foundation that will never move!  


By choosing to use screw piles, you avoid damaging your landscape, which also means fewer expenses. Also, by making sure the deck is built on a solid foundation that won’t move, you’ll never have the headache of having to pay for costly repairs. Therefore, a screw pile installation is definitely a wise investment whether you are a construction company or a do-it yourself type of person!

Also, down the road one may want to make changes to a deck, like adding a roof to it. Because we have the written and exact calculations of a project, we would be able to tell you if the foundation can bear the additional load. When using cement as a foundation, this kind of precision is not easily calculated, so it could be risky to add extra weight.


Once the screw piles are installed, you will immediately be ready to move on to the construction phase. As soon as the helical pile installation is complete, you can lay down your first board! Your foundation is done. A screw pile installation can be done in any weather condition, anywhere and any time..

Do you work in the construction industry? For more than 15 years, GoliathTech has been combining strength and know-how to offer the best screw pile solution to support your projects. Our helical piles are of unbeatable quality and are suitable for all types of installations and applications. Our product is suitable for every type of soil and does not cause any damage to the ground or surrounding structures. Trust GoliathTech‘s long standing experience and know-how when choosing a foundation system that is right for your projects. So do not wait, find a screw pile certified installer in your region or become a franchisee.