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Installation of helical piles for a boardwalk in a migratory bird refuge (Utah, US)

GoliathTech - 15 December 2020

image screw piles for a boardwalk - bird refuge in Utah


Regardless of the type of project, GoliathTech helical screw piles can be customized to meet your needs for a particular situation:

  • No delays due to weather
  • Once the helical piles have been installed, the next phase of the project can begin immediately
  • Perfectly upgraded installation thanks to the significant potential for adjusting the helical piles


Every day across Canada, the US and even Europe, building projects materialize thanks to GoliathTech’s helical screw pile solutions. Potential projects run the gamut from the most ordinary, such as building:

…to the most challenging, such as building:

Here we present a compelling example of one such project.


Migratory Bird Refuge in Utah, US

The Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge in Utah, US, provides natural habitat for multiple species of birds. Run by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, this refuge began building a wooden boardwalk so visitors could walk through the site and watch the birds.


After submitting a robust, innovative proposal, GoliathTech was selected to install the screw piles to support this structure.

Here is what the project manager at GoliathTech had to say about this incredible project:

“It was a complex project, because we had to build this structure in a protected wetland where the soil was very soft and even liquefiable. During the geotechnical study, we deployed a test pile while they were drilling their holes. This was very insightful for us, as the geotechnician was able to see the correlation between applied pressure and soil type. Liquefiable soils were found over the course of the study. We had multiple conferences calls with DWR, the structural engineer, the general contractor and the geotechnical engineer.”

The screw piles were installed within about a week, despite the site being difficult to access.

We were only able to take the lightest equipment out to the chosen site, where we were installing the piles directly into soft soil, and even in water.

Everyone involved in the project was thrilled with GoliathTech’s work. The contractor (Trinity Construction), the engineers and the team of subcontractors in charge of building the boardwalk (RPG Construction) were particularly satisfied by the limited damage to the ground and the significant potential for adjusting the piles.

So there’s another concrete example of how we can customize our work here at GoliathTech to meet ALL your needs.

About GoliathTech

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