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Helical piles: Why is quality so important?

GoliathTech - 5 December 2020

Image helical pile detail

When it comes to foundations, it’s best not to skimp on the quality of helical piles! Whether it’s for a sheddeckhome or any other type of project, the quality of your helical piles will directly affect the durability of your structure.

Here are 3 reasons why GoliathTech helical piles surpass those of our competitors.


At GoliathTech, we use superior quality steel to produce our helical piles, so you can count on stronger piles for your helical pile foundation.

Our piles (up to 4 1/2″ size) have steel with minimum yield 60 ksi which makes them more competitive than the 50 ksi yield industry standard.

In practical terms, GoliathTech’s smaller piles can therefore provide the same yield as our competitors’ larger piles, allowing our clients to benefit from significant savings. This is especially useful to clients who may be wondering, “how big do the piles need to be?” or “how many helical piles do I need?”.

To ensure that your helical pile foundation is truly top-quality, our engineers have carried out hundreds of tests to obtain the most precise data on our piles. Therefore, we know exactly how strong our piles are and we can meet all the industry standards. You can learn more about this here.


Helical piles must be galvanized to ensure the quality and durability. Some businesses will promote their galvanized piles, however, it’s important to note that the galvanization process can vary, which then affects the longevity of the helical piles.

At GoliathTech, we guarantee our clients that our helical piles have been hot-dip galvanized to ensure they last for 100 years!

You should be aware of this distinction, ask questions and avoid helical piles that are paintedzinc plated or made from raw steel (black coloured).

Some processes only protect piles from corrosion for a few month’s if they’re exposed to a harsh environment, which can lead to the collapse of your screw pile foundation system.

Our piles are always 100% galvanized, except in certain instances where the following CCMC regulation may apply giving the right to install non-galvanized piles. This is also subject to approval by a registered professional engineer, only after performing an extensive onsite soil corrosion test.

Where conditions (soil and environmental) are determined to be corrosive to steel, protection of the steel shall be provided. The determination of the presence of corrosive conditions and the specification of the corrosion protection shall be carried out by a registered professional engineer licensed to practice under the appropriate provincial or territorial legislation. If the determination of the presence of corrosive conditions is not completed before installation, the product, including all its accessories, is required to be hot-dipped galvanized, meeting the requirements of CAN/CSA-G164 (ASTM A123/A123M-17) with a minimum thickness of 610 g/m2, or another method that provides an equivalent level of protection and abrasion resistance deemed acceptable by CCMC.

In practice, this means:

  • Pile heads must be galvanized
  • Helices must be welded before they are galvanized
  • All fasteners must be galvanized


Thanks to the know-how and experience of our engineers, our clients trust us when it comes time to install a screw pile foundation system. Our engineers have all the expertise required to install our helical piles according to industry standards thanks to ultra-precise calculations.

Everything is planned and considered down to the last millimeter:

  1. soil composition,
  2. compression capacity,
  3. tension loads,
  4. lateral loads,
  5. embedment depth,
  6. helix capacity,
  7. distance between piles, etc…

You should know that once GoliathTech’s franchisee has taken measurements at the client’s building site, they send the project plans to the engineering team. These professionals take the time to verify everything and ask for details when needed to complete the project.

About GoliathTech

Do you work in the field of construction? For over 15 years, GoliathTech has integrated both strength and know-how to offer the best anchoring solution to support your residential and commercial projects. Our top-of-the-line helical screw piles are suited for any type of installation or application. Our installation service adapts to every soil type and does not damage the ground or any structures. Trust the experience and expertise of GoliathTech for your construction projects. Find a screw pile installer in your region or become a franchisee.