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The difference between ground screw and screw pile

GoliathTech - 22 March 2022

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Have you ever heard of ground screws? Ever wondered what the difference is between a ground screw and a screw pile?

If so, you've come to the right place. In the video above, our technical specialist helps you better understand the difference between these two products. Many customers have already asked us this question and we want to shed some light on the subject.


Ground screws are made of metal and meet the needs of some specific installations. You can install ground screws by hand using tools to drill into the ground. Earth screws look like giant wood screws that can penetrate the ground almost a meter deep. The end that goes into the ground is very sharp and the thread is continuous along almost the entire length of the screw. Earth screws are shorter than screw piles. 

These products are more suitable for areas where the soil is extremely rocky and dense. This avoids jamming the screw in large masses of rock or in possible obstacles that may arise. The earth screws offer the possibility to build light structures such as small terraces, fences or gates. In the case of countries that are subject to ground freezing during the winter period, the earth screws are less suitable. Indeed, with the freezing and thawing, the installations are likely to move throughout the seasons. Ground screws are also less suitable for applications requiring tension capacities

2. The screw piles and their SPECIFICITIES

GoliathTech helical (screw) piles consist of long tubes with generally 1 to 3 large plates called helices. Screw piles are generally used in normal soils (relatively malleable soil) or soft soils such as swamps or completely flooded areas like the edge of a lake for example. The large helixes on the piles will actually allow you to drill into the ground until you reach the stability zone, giving you a solid foundation for your construction project. Unlike ground screws, helical (screw) piles can be used for any project. Some large structures such as home foundations and wind turbines can be built with helical (screw) piles, which are specifically designed for these applications.

The advantages of installing a GoliathTech helical (screw) pile are

  • The installation is performed by a certified installer who has been trained. He or she will be able to determine the number of helical (screw) piles needed for a project and the maximum load they can support to ensure that the installation is sustainable. Again, unlike ground screws, piles are more reliable because they are installed directly into the ground by a professional.
  • GoliathTech screw piles can also offer a much higher load capacity than conventional ground screws.

Whatever you choose, make sure the screw or pile is installed by an installer who can guarantee a reliable and durable installation. Ask them to provide documentation that the product is certified and meets the building standards of your location. Construction standards may vary from region to region depending on the country.

About GoliathTech

Do you work in construction? For over 15 years, GoliathTech has integrated both strength and know-how to offer the best anchoring solution to support your residential, industrial, commercial and municipal projects. Our top-of-the-line helical (screw) piles are perfect for any type of installation or application. Our installation service adapts to every soil type and has a minimal footprint to the ground or surrounding structures. Trust the experience and expertise of GoliathTech for your construction projects. Find a screw pile installer in your region or become a franchisee.