Concrete inground pool installation: important factors to consider

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If you’re planning on buying an inground pool this summer, this article will help you better prepare for your project.

1. What to do before having an inground pool installed?

When installing an inground pool, the first step a contractor will need to take is to have the ground excavated by an expert, who will shape the pool with his excavator bucket. This expert, while excavating the ground, will be looking at the consistency of the soil. If the soil conditions seem soft and crumbling, the soil is generally considered not strong enough to hold the concrete. In that scenario, your best choice is to call a GoliathTech certified installer to install helical piles to help strengthen the foundation of your pool. The specific pile head attachment we designed maximizes the contact between the pile and the concrete.

This process is extremely important to ensure that the weak soil is identified before the pouring of the concrete.This step prevents the foundation or structure from cracking over time because nobody likes a leaky pool…

2. Special cases for the installation of a inground pool

In some areas where the soil conditions are known to be less than ideal, the concrete inground pools are usually pre-engineered with the helical piles already included in the engineering drawings. 

On the other hand, in areas where there is a high water table, helical piles would be used to anchor and hold down the pool. “Pool Pops” as they are called, usually occur after the pool is drained when ground water pushes under the bottom of the pool until it becomes an above-ground pool… Imagine trying to push an empty plastic container to the bottom of a sink filled with water, the plastic container will always be looking to pop back up unless it is filled with water. 

Some people have asked us, “does adding helical piles to my pool increase the overall cost of my project?” The answer is yes… but… Costs associated with pool repairs due to cracking or leaking far exceed the cost of helical piles and save you a bunch of headaches down the line. 

So if you’re thinking of getting an inground pool, consider a GoliathTech certified installer!


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