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Compression, Tension, Load & Torque of a Helical Pile - How They Work Together for Lasting Strength

GoliathTech - 8 June 2021

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The four concepts of compression, tension, load and torque are fundamental to the function of a helical or screw pile. In this article we’ll explore the role of each and explain why helical piles are well-suited to high load projects. Check out our website to explore our range of projects.


A compression load on a standard helical or screw pile is the load, be it a building or a deck, that is placed on top of the screw pile. Whereas a tension load is related to uplift when a helical pile is pulled out of the charge tente de tirer le pieu vissé du sol vers le haut.


A good example of tension would be a circus tent with ropes going down to the ground to stabilize the tent. If there was a helical pile in the ground the rope would be trying to pull the pile out. This is a perfect instance of a 100% tension load.arge de tension à 100 %.


An example of a compression load would be a deck on the front of your home, and the connection point between the deck and the helical pile.


Torque is often referred to as rotational force. When you take your car to the garage and they put your winter tires on, they have to tighten the nuts to a defined value using a torque wrench. A helical pile uses torque the same way. Although, whereas wheel nuts may take 80 foot-pounds of torque, GoliathTech’s larger helical piles can take up to 239,000 foot-pounds of torque


Installed to the correct depth and torque, helical piles are able to support complex, high-load projects such as the largest and heaviest-load wall. Take a look at our screw pile application for a retaining wall. For such projects, we use helices with a diameter from 9 to 29 inches for optimal compression and tension performance. And our precise engineering and installation method ensures that the retaining wall will remain stable over time. Check out our specific applications page to view our installation plans on other high-load projects from light poles to solar carports.

Although some builders and designers continue to use traditional foundation methods because of a concern about buckling and settlement, more building industry professionals are choosing helical piles to create a solid foundation that lasts. GoliathTech screw piles support high-loaded compression and tension applications, reaching the torque that’s required for the compression or tension load, whatever the application.

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