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Case Study #2: Building an Elevated Structure with Helical Piles

GoliathTech - 7 October 2021

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There are many cases where helical piles work well for elevated structures. Let’s say you have a restaurant and want to design a terrace that is two storeys high yet is also connected to the ground. Depending on the design, it may mean that if a train passes and the earth trembles, your patrons will feel it.

We encourage our customers to do their homework before embarking on an elevated structure project, be it a commercial, agricultural or residential venture. For a list of all the projects we cover, visit our Screw Pile Projects page. To build a structure where beams extend from the ground, the first step would be to check your local building codes. Having all the facts before starting out will mean the difference between being satisfied for the long-term and being frustrated when the job doesn’t go as planned.

If this type of construction isn’t included in your building codes, then you’ll need to find a way to build your elevated structure within your local restrictions. The next step is to make sure your insurance policy is paid up, of course. And then from there, speak with one of our certified GoliathTech installers. Helical piles are often a first choice for builders and construction project planners because they install quickly with no excavation required.



Cross bracing is a system of diagonal supports that strengthens building structures—from bookshelves and chairs to earthquake-safe buildings. Check the range of anchoring solutions we offer on our Applications page. With an exceptionally high structure like a two-storey terrace that has supports from the ground, you need to work with a system that matches the strength of our helical piles and also supports a lateral load. A cross brace creates a very rigid structure with little or no movement.

GoliathTech works in a number of different capacities to make sure your structure is laterally strong. For instance, if you approach us with your kayak rack, we might design and engineer only the piles to connect to the rack. Although if we were building a larger structure, we would likely engineer a system to the connection point of the structure, engineer the cross braces, and everything else that was part of that system.

GoliathTech would work with you to determine the method of support based on your building specifications. We would assist you to make sure your structure is able to withstand this mode of construction. We have over 200 certified installers across North America, ready to assist you with your elevated project. Check out our Certified Installer page to locate a GoliathTech Pro near you.

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