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The Best Cabin Foundation for Cold Climates

GoliathTech - 9 March 2022

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Is your next project to build a cabin foundation? Do you live in an area where the climate is so cold that it prevents any construction projects during the winter months?

Lana, our technical specialist at GoliathTech, explains in this video how to consider your project in terms of the best foundation solution for this type of climate.

If you want to build a cabin in a particularly cold geographic area like you see in the Northern US States, Canada or some Scandinavian countries (or even in more temperate climates), we'll take you step-by-step through what to expect.


If you haven't already done so, we recommend that you contact a building contractor as soon as possible. The construction professional will advise you on how to plan every step to build your cabin. This person will put you in touch with each of the experts needed to complete the work. When examining the soil and choosing materials for the structure's foundation, talk to the construction professional about screw piles, which are an excellent alternative to concrete.


After having gone through the first steps with your contractor, start by making sure that the contractor has identified your needs and expectations and that the plans for the cabin's structure are already in place. These plans will allow you to determine the precise technical details of the structure and to evaluate construction materials for the foundation.

At GoliathTech, we have developed extensive expertise in construction and we’re often asked these questions:

  • How do I build a foundation for a cabin in winter conditions?
  • How am I supposed to dig to install a concrete pile in frozen ground?
  • If I can dig, how will the concrete mixer get to my cabin?
  • Are there extra costs involved if we do this in the winter?

These questions are natural, as most of us immediately think of a solution that involves concrete. So, how do you build a foundation for a cabin without using concrete?

With GoliathTech's helical pile method, we use small machinery (i.e., excavator) that allows us easy access to all types of terrain. The helix at the base of the galvanized pile allows us to screw it in the ground without any mess.

In winter, we can install the piles even through the frost line until we reach a perfectly stable area in the soil ensuring a solid and long-lasting installation. With this method, the cabin will remain level for years to come as screw piles provide stability that prevents your foundation from settling.

No one wants to have a cabin that sags after only a few years!

During periods of extreme cold, our installers may use specialized equipment to thaw the ground before installing the screw piles. Check with your local installer to see if there’s an additional charge for this.


To schedule a winter construction project with your contractor, contact one of our certified installers. In addition to our adaptability even in freezing weather, we can install the screw piles for your cabin in one day.

Check out our map to quickly find the nearest GoliathTech installer to build the best cabin foundation for cold climates

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