Soil Types Suitable for Screw Piles

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Are screw piles suited to all soil types?

Do a simple online search and you’ll find many testimonials from entrepreneurs whose lives have been completely transformed and simplified since they discovered screw piles.

There are a variety of reasons why GoliathTech’s screw piles can provide all the anchoring solutions you need, regardless of the soil type: sandy, clay, silt. Our screw piles are also suited to all types of structures (decks, sheds, home foundations, homes and many other applications.)

Here are three key factors that make GoliathTech piles the number one anchoring choice for all types of soil and structures.


1. Depth: a key factor

Although form tubes and poured concrete foundations are still commonly used in construction, GoliathTech’s screw piles are quite simply of superior quality. Among the many features that make screw piles ideally suited to all soil types, it’s important to note that they can be installed deep in the ground, below the soil’s frost zone. Unlike the other two anchoring solutions, this simple attribute protects the foundation from ground movement during periods of freezing and thawing.


2. Designed to resist

GoliathTech offers solutions adapted to different projects, but also to different types of soils because of their unique design. It’s all thanks to the hard work of our engineers and important investments in research. Two elements allow us to offer unmatched resistance and durability:

  • Galvanizing steel piles will give you peace of mind because they will resist corrosion, no matter where they are located.
  • Polyurethane inserted inside the piles will prevent the helix from freezing underground during the winter, thus prevent the pile from lifting.

Each project is unique, and will also vary depending on the type of soil on which it is installed. This is why we have invested so much time, money and energy into research and development! These efforts allow us to offer adapted piles that will durably resist soil movement. GoliathTech offers you a personalized solution by designing, manufacturing, delivering and installing custom-made helical piles!


3. “One-size-fits-all” installation equipment that doesn’t damage the soil

To successfully install screw piles deep in the ground, we use lightweight equipment that:

  • is suitable even for areas with limited space;
  • doesn’t damage the soil.

So, you can forget about concrete mixers, heavy machinery and other cumbersome equipment that will do damage and prevent you from accessing areas with limited space.

Add to that a very quick installation time and you have an efficient anchoring solution that is suited to your soil type—and therefore doesn’t do any damage.


About GoliathTech

Do you work in the field of construction? For over 15 years, GoliathTech has integrated both strength and know-how to offer the best anchoring solution to support your residential and commercial projects. Our top-of-the-line helical screw piles are suited for any type of installation or application. Our installation service adapts to every soil type and does not damage the ground or any structures. Trust the experience and expertise of GoliathTech for your construction projects. Find a screw pile installer in your region or become a franchisee.