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GoliathTech Screw Pile System.

Forget about using traditional concrete foundations!

  As an industry leader, GoliathTech has created the most complete foundation system on the market today. Partnering with industry leading professionals that care about the details and the quality of the products they offer. GoliathTech has listened and carefully researched each detail surrounding what makes a quality, code compliant, superior foundation. The GoliathTech Screw Pile System is tailored to professionals and their clients that insist on quality first.  

What we offer:

  • Canadian made
  • Rapid installation
  • Patented head connection system (required under the building code)
  • Fully engineered piles and head designs
  • CCMC approved for use under the building code
  • ACQ and CA approved for use with treated lumber
  • Digitally monitored and recorded torque during installation
  • Eco-friendly
  • ISO 14001-2015 Environmental Management
  • ISO 9001-2015 Quality Control and Traceability
  • No frost heave
  • Certified installers
  • Installation in any season
  • No soil to remove
  • Removable and reusable system
  • Installation adapted to each type of soil
  • And more...

ACQ and CA approval, why is it important?

  Are you working with treated lumber? Will the treated lumber be in contact with our helical piles? If so, ACQ and CA chemicals used in treated lumber are highly corrosive to metal. In order to not suffer premature corrosion due to contact with these chemicals, you must use ACQ/CA approved metal products. At GoliathTech, even the smallest parts of our system meet this strict approval. Additionally, we do not perform any on-site welding of our products. On-site welds are not ACQ/CA approved and will corrode prematurely. For more information on this important topic take a look at this article by industry professional Your Deck Company. With four decades of experience, Your Deck Company only uses the GoliathTech system.  

GoliathTech Screw Piles: Projects

  • Decks (Did I mention our ACQ/CA approval?)
  • Concrete grade beams
  • Solar racking systems
  • Concrete slab on grade support
  • Porches
  • Signs
  • Home Additions
  • Multi-story buildings
  • Sheds
  • Underpinning
  • Home Foundations
  • Mobile Homes
  • Commercial and Residential Applications

Need help? Or, maybe you just have a few questions?

  We are more than installers. With our experience and dedication, we are here to work hard so you don't have to. As industry leaders, our goal is to assist you to build eco-friendly, stronger, longer lasting projects. Contact us today and lets start to work smarter together.



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