GoliathTech Newfoundland Installs (191)

Helical Screw Piles for 1000 Meter Boardwalk in Gros Morne National Park


Project Overview

Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland is 1,805 square kilometers of wilderness and historic paths. It offers visitors a wide variety of activities such as hiking, walking, camping, and boat tours.  Park officials determined long ago that it was imperative for all visitors to have access to the park facilities so they can enjoy the wonderful natural beauty the park has to offer.

The entire helical screw pile installation project at the Berry Head Pond Trail was completed in just under three weeks by a two-man crew that included Ken Duff –  the GoliathTech franchisee for the Newfoundland and Labrador regions.

In total, (191) piles were installed with some of them in shallow water. The crew also encountered some large rocks in the ground which presented some challenges because excavating was not permitted.  The crew used a heavy pilot bit to move the rocks so the piles could be installed in the specified locations. Pile installation was done with a Kubota KX019 excavator.  The average pile installation depth was six feet.

The total length of the boardwalk is 1000 meters, and the crew could not position their truck any closer than 700 meters from the trail head.  This resulted in the crew having to carry the piles on their shoulders for up to 1700 meters.  

The six foot wide boardwalk has a very gradual slope to enable wheelchair accessibility.  There are two docks along the boardwalk, and one of them is designed to enable paraplegic visitors to load into and out of a canoe or a kayak. The second dock further down is designed for star gazing. Unlike the rest of the boardwalk that is equipped with solar lighting, the dock and surrounding area has no artificial lighting which enhances visitors’ star gazing experience.


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